Making the season bright.

My steps are lighter and smiles brighter this time of year. Are yours?

Some more of our holiday decor: I decided to keep it simple and used a whole bunch of the decor from the wedding to dress the tree. Our guest book for our wedding, implemented by the wonderful Yelena Johnson, was an ornament making station.  To help us trim our first tree as a married couple, our guests wrote notes to us and stuffed them inside clear glass ornaments with ribbons, glitter dust, and other pretty little things.

Here is the table with the ornament making supplies. Photos by Jasmine.

And here the ornaments are on the tree! I also used a bunch of the garland from the ceremony benches. Special thanks to my sister, Emma, for sitting on the living room floor with me and untangling all that garland- and of course to Aubrey, for tying each and every one of those fabric strips to that string.

I love to use the extra branches cut from the bottom of the tree as additional filler throughout the house. Nothing like fresh evergreen scent in the house!

I used twine to string holiday cards across the mirror above the couch. At the time I took this photo we only had a couple but now it's full and a second tier has been added! Also, my dear mom and Carolyn sewed all these beautiful tool flowers for the wedding and, unfortunately, I didn't see them anywhere in the wedding photos so I'm assuming they never made it out of the box but they make beautiful tree fillers!

Lots of personal posts this time of year- are you guys finding me annoying yet? I promise some clients will be on the blog soon ;)