Making candles out of teacups to brighten your holiday home!

Turned some of my wedding decor into gifts for friends/family/colleagues with a little help from Aubrey and Martha Stewart for the idea and them, them, and them. I'm a pretty crafty gal- I've always loved laying newspaper out on the floor on a rainy day and getting down to work with my hands making something pretty. These were relatively easy to make- check it out...

First you'll need teacups (we found most of ours at Salvation Army or Goodwill for around $2/each) and candle wax. I prefer natural wax candles, such as soy, and found some great cost effective options on etsy.

You'll need wick and wick stabilizers- cotton is best for soy .. I found both of these at Michaels and used a tiny amount of hot glue to adhere the wick to the base of the teacup.

I bought a special crock pot altered to have a spout for easy filling- it made the whole process super simple. Be careful when melting the wax, though, make sure its on a sturdy surface that is completely covered. This can get messy! Don't be afraid to melt large amounts at once and add scents is as desired. I used a Phthalate-Free & Nitro Musk Free Oatmeal milk and honey scent and it was perfect!

Get some skewers (regular bbq once worked well for me!) to hold the wick in place once you're ready to pour.

Fill 'er up!

Leave a little space at the top for spillage and let it set.

Voila! Easy :)

Happy Holidays! xoxo