Little Meg - Eloise meets her new twin cousins :)

This past weekend we packed our bags and headed to Salt Lake City to meet Eloise's new twin cousins, Carson and Abilene. They were born about 3 months after Eloise arrived and we were so excited to finally meet them. Their daddies are also twins so their resemblance, I think, is HUGE.. especially Carson and Eloise. With this much shared DNA, they better be friends ;) Growing up with cousins my age was one of the greatest joys of my childhood- I am still really close to them all and I hope these three will have the same... More than once I was struck with the image of Me, Tim, Todd, and Cassandra somewhere in Los Angeles... just kids.. living it up. Funny to think we had no idea that the future would include all of us PLUS three new little ones. Time can be lovely sometimes.