Kelsey and Jason : A San Jose Engagement Shoot

There were class parties at Booksin Elementary, birthdays, projects in middle school, soccer games, summers, calling boys, tping houses of our crushes, walks home from school,.. we've known each other since Mrs. Cherry's kindergarten class and spent most of our school career up until 8th grade as friends. After 8th grade I left my lifelong friends and headed to Presentation and Kelsey attended Willow Glen High School. We definitely lost touch after 8th grade as young kids do- occasionally running into each other over the years at parties in high school,  in college, and at Peet's coffee or Aqui dinners now that we've both moved back into the neighborhood.

I  love that my job continually allows past relationships to come full circle. When Kelsey told me she was engaged, I was all, "Um, hello! You are going to make such a gorgeous bride, I must shoot your wedding!" She gave me some bs about how she doesn't photograph well or something but you be the judge! :) I am so happy she has found someone like Jason and I can't WAIT to be a part of their wedding day in June!

Here's a couple fun pictures I found of Kelsey and I... one from Kindergarten the other from 8th grade. Courtney- are you out there? ... LOVE the clown costume. How did I not remember this?? :)

Left: Cinderella is yours truly, Indian Princess is Kels | Right: Kels is front and center, I'm on the far right.