Julie and Mark : A wedding at The Bel-Air Bay Club : Los Angeles, CA

Quite awhile back (coughJulycough) I had the pleasure of heading back down to Los Angeles to photograph Julie and Mark's wedding at The Bel-Air Bay Club. I usually have a lot of time to meet with my clients before their wedding and spend some time really getting to know them through emails, a dinner, and their engagement session but since we weren't living very close to each other Julie and Mark had never met me before their wedding day! I always get nervous before weddings, no matter the couple, but not knowing the bride and groom adds a little bit more pressure than normal... so I was pretty excited and relieved when I stepped into Julie's getting ready suite and was greeted by one of the warmest smiles ever!

Thanks to miss Em for making the trip to LA to shoot with me and for being not only a great friend but an awesome second photographer too! We had both had pretty long months of shooting already and it was really nice to have such a friendly face by my side that weekend. :)