Julia and Jake : Savannah Chanelle Vineyard : Engagement Photos

My dear friend, Ewen Phelan, of The Last Forty Percent Photography recently asked me via his twitter account if I needed a hug. At first, I laughed- yes! ... and then I stopped and thought- oh crap, I must sound awfully unhappy for Ewan to offer to fly out from Canada to give me a hug! I promise you, folks, I am not unhappy just pretty freaking busy - and while I absolutely thrive on this kind of pace I also am human, and get caught in that, "Things are spinning out on control! I have too many commitments! I can't keep up!" downward spiral....If I was being 100% honest with myself, I would have to admit that ever since we moved I've been a bit of a stress case. (Sorry Timmy!) I've been here, there and everywhere since January and am really looking forward to finally getting a good solid month of home sweet home! 81 days I've been away from home for work  so far this year....

.. Anyways, I know some of my clients, past clients, future clients, friends, family, etc. follow my ups and downs and I want you all to know while I totally need, love, and appreciate those hugs I am loving life and am counting my blessings daily!

Thanks Ewan for kicking my attitude back into gear. ;) - and check out his work bc it'll blow you away... seriously.

Since Julia and Jake are getting married this Saturday I thought I should bust my butt and post their engagement images from early May! (Sorry, guys!) The three of us were troopers- battling reschedules due to the rain more than once- but we ended up with a perfectly lovely day up in the Santa Cruz mountains... love these two like crazy and can't wait to document their love this weekend!

Jake's last name and Julia's last name are hidden within these images!