Inspiration : A Photographer's Wedding

Okay, so one of the first things people say when they hear I am engaged (eeek!) is, "Wow! I bet you know exactly how you want your wedding to look since you see so many!" And you know, if you were to have said that to me a month ago I would have said, "Oh, toooootally." Today, it's a much different story. Because, in actuality, as soon as I saw this lovely ring on my finger every sure thought I had about how I wanted our wedding to look flew out the door. As I looked at location after location, all of a sudden, all I could see was everyone elses big day- their flowers, their location, their place cards, their dress.... what I couldn't picture was mine and Tim's version of all of this. Where did we fit in? Could I actually see MYSELF putting on my gown, hear MYSELF saying my vows? See TIM's face during OUR first look? Help! The world is spinning! Needless to say, I calmed myself down. This is going to be fun! (and expensive) Tim and I are going to do this together (fingers crossed)- we're going to decide things together (most of the time), and using my knowledge and expertise we're going to have a beautiful wedding. OUR wedding.  OUR way. We've found a really neat, totally unique, location, which I'll share soon... once the three bigs are taken care of - Location, Food, and Photographer *duh!* we can breathe easy until at LEAST January, right?.. well, we can try!

Here are a couple photos I took in my parents backyard of my inspiration start off point! It's going to be a fun. *crafty* year!