I biked across the Golden Gate Bridge and all I got were these IPHONE photos.

On the day of my engagement (ee- these sparkles are still blinding me! :) my dad, my uncle, myself, and Timmy got up early and drove into SF to rent bikes and bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. I'll admit, I was not entirely prepared for the length of this, what I thought was leisurely, bike ride- but it was really so much fun! I think we determined it was about an 18 mile bike ride. We ended up going all the way into Tiburon (yes I wore those tight skinny JEANS, and flat flat flat flats all the way there) for lunch and then took the ferry back to Fishermans Wharf. Highly recommended adventure! Anyhow, I was smart and didn't try to lug my 5D across the Golden Gate on a bike but my dad wasn't so smart and didn't charge his camera before we left so all we had was Tim's iphone- just thought I'd share. :) My butt still hurts. Just kidding! Hope you all enjoy your labor day weekend- most of us photographers spend this weekend working but this weekends Napa wedding is on Sunday, so I plan to enjoy a day full of no labor tomorrow!  And Morgan AND Heather are going to be here- woooo hoooo I miss them!!!!

Helmuts are so hot right now.