Here's to adorable little baby chicks and bunnys!

When we were little kids Easter was great fun! We'd go to Grandmas and sit around the table dyeing eggs crazy colors. The Easter bunny would come and leave jelly bean trails from our bedroom doors for us to follow in the morning. He'd fill and hide our Easter baskets in the yard for us to find and pack the baskets with candy, new hair bows, and those washcloths that start out as little plastic animal shapes. I'd get a new outfit- most likely something floral with bows, get to put on pretty tights , patten leather shoes and headbands with more bows and we'd all sit around eating and enjoying family. We'd have an easter-egg hunt and hope we found the eggs with the money in them and play games.

After both Tristan and I were in college, Easter-excitement started slowly waning. Spring break was usually just ending or was already over and coming home from college was hard. Mom always sent filled baskets down to the dorms and we'd settle for a simple day of rest (and candy of course!). Occasionally, we'd make the trek home and we'd all eat a great meal together, play board games, and watch The Ten Commandments. (We have an affinity for Charlton Heston....) This year something interesting happened...

All us kids had other stuff going on so....Mom and Dad took off to Hawaii!!

:) After 28 years of making Easter special for us I hope they are enjoying their Easter in paradise. I'm enjoying the low pressure of celebrating and looking forward to the years someday ahead of Tim and I ... leaving jelly bean trails, filling baskets, and *God willing we get a daughter* dressing my girl(s) in flowers and bows.

Wishing you all a very happy Easter full of love and family!

Yes, that definitely is a floral pantsuit with yellow tights underneath it and black patten leather shoes!