Here, there, and everywhere.

When life is throwing you every which way it's important to stay centered in the moment. To capture each day and, even if the memories are whizzing by like semis on the highway, archive them for a rainy day. If you ever see me standing with my eyes closed- I am not sleeping, nor overwhelmed; I am archiving a moment. I breath deeply, I smell anything that's around, I listen to anything I can hear and I just remember. I do not consider myself a member of any particular religion but I do have my own relationship with God and it is in these quiet moments that I find Him. So that's what I've been doing. As things are whirling around me, like leaves falling from trees waving goodbye to summer, I am doing my best to get all of my work done, attend the obligations on my calendar, and archive memories- one after another. But, I woke up this morning feeling as though I'd been neglecting this space, which is not like me in the least! I juggle things very well and have always found time to blog- if not for me, for YOU.

Wedding planning is at it's height right now- cutting ribbon, tying bows, threading needles, confirming vendors, dress fittings, shoe cleanings, accessory buying, linen choosing, cake ordering... I recently tweeted:

This is so very very very true. Wedding planning has a way of completely taking over your brain- there are so many emotions involved when putting together an event of this importance and some days- managing my own expectations is the hardest and most challenging part. I am so looking forward to walking down the aisle, vowing to love Tim forever and ever, to eating a fancy dinner with people I love dressed in fancy clothes, and to twirling around on the dance floor. I cannot wait for the wedding to be here and while I know I will have many quick moments to archive memories, when I awake the next morning, I doubt I'll feel that remorse I once heard spoken of.

"You'll get home and wish you could do it all over!"

No way, I'm going to wake up- turn to the man I love, the man I've loved for 7 years, shower him in kisses, and get on a plane and head to Hawaii so someone can shove a pina colada in my hand and force me to relax! Then I'll return home and pat myself on the back for successfully scheduling a seriously light November and December.

I have so much to share with you, so many shoots, but here's a quick shot of the lovely little Presley.