Hello, 2011!

Sat down to type out some business goals for the new year last night and I was completely blindsided by writers block. I couldn't think of one thing that was more important to me than another- which is most likely the result of too many goals instead of a lack of goals so I stepped away from my computer to regroup. I grabbed my journal instead, hoping that my hand would write better than it was able to type. My business and personal life are often one in the same and sometimes I forget that there are two parts of Meg. Photographer Meg and Meg. It's hard not to let you career define you- especially when it involves giving your clients so much of yourself. So, once I opened my heart to focus on who I'd like to be instead of what I want my business to be the words started flowing pretty freely. We'll get to business goals another day, I guess. (Did I just create a goal up there? Find a balance. There done. Goal one, find a balance between Meg and Meg Perotti, Photographer) For now- hello, 2011! While I simply cannot believe you are here I am so happy to see you! Let's see what you've got for me.

Happy New Year, guys! So blessed to have you all on this ride with me. Do any of these personal goals ring true to you? What personal things do you want to accomplish this year?

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