Mama loves you everyday...

I am sitting on my couch in a quiet house with my baby daughter taking her short evening nap in her crib in her bedroom. Looking at the monitor, she is sprawled across the crib on her back- pacifier in, blankey tucked delicately under her cheek. She is a baby. A big baby. "They" tell you before you have a baby how fast time goes once they are born and you smile and nod and casually promise you'll enjoy every minute as they look at you intensely as if to say, "No you don't understand. ENJOY it." You think to yourself, "Yeah, I get it, time passes quickly. It always has, hasn't it?" Then your baby arrives and it really does seem as if the clock is moving faster than it was before. This little tiny thing you bring home from the hospital, this little bean wrapped like a burrito that fits from  your palm to your elbow perfectly, this little angel- grows. It grows and it grows fast. Now you get it. ENJOY it. So if it seems like I've been a little quiet as of late, I think that's why. Ever since I got pregnant I have felt an intense need to slow my life down. Owning a business can sometimes feel like a marathon... the world of photography is ever changing, people come in and out so quickly these days and occasionally it can feel like I'm running as fast as I can but it's not fast enough. But seeing a little life you created enter the world and knowing that she needs you- all of you- to actually stay alive, changes your perspective. So that's what I've been doing. Enjoying it. I've been working and have plenty of pretty to share with you but wanted to take a post to show you the work I've been immersed in, Miss Eloise. I could never have known how utterly consumed by her I would be.

It might be the sleep deprivation (which is getting easier) but I find that words come slower to me these days, thoughts take longer to form and even longer to get out onto paper and they rarely sound poetic. Perhaps this is why I've been avoiding writing on my recent blog posts. I do miss my voice and I hope I'll find it here again soon but for now, forgive me if my images have to speak for themselves more often.

Have a wonderful weekend!


ps. thanks to auntie heather for some of these images :)