Happy Birthday, Timmy!

Today is Tim's birthday! I don't know what I would do without him and every year we are together I just feel luckier and luckier. Here's a story- one year, I think it was for our 3rd Anniversary of dating ... Tim's band had signed to Atlantic Records that year and the Grammy party that they had to attend fell on our anniversary date. We had spent a lot a lot a lot of time apart that year and things we're tough. On our way to dinner before the party we were cruising along to Love Songs on the Coast - our local smooth radio station that we love to hate and I hear over the radio, "This song goes out to Meg in Los Angeles... Tim knows you've been through a lot this year.....blah blah..." I lost it! We had been joking about these sappy dedications for 3 years and here I was listening to one for me. This is the kind of man Tim is, he shows love in laughter and he's perfect for me! Happy Birthday, Baby! Who couldn't love that face on the right? Ha!