Good morning, September!

Thank you for all the well-wishes... you guys are the best! So there was this venue that I had bookmarked for, oh, I don't know, a year or so- that just had the perfect feel for what I wanted my wedding day to look like. Organic, Rustic, Elegant... Anthropologie..... ;) So, of course, being a wedding photographer, I am well aware of how quickly things book up- so I sent an email off to the owner about 2.5 seconds after I had this ring on my finger. What do ya know! BOOKED UP for all of 2010. At first I was bummed, discouraged, a little down. But that's okay, no one ever said wedding planning was easy and as a book my mom and I purchased yesterday states, "Don't aim for a perfect wedding- aim for a wonderful wedding." I have a first hand view of how much work, thought, and stress goes into planning a wedding day so I guess I should have expected bumps! Looking at a pretty neat looking space later today up in Marin - wish me luck!

I started a new category up there called, A Photographers Wedding. Sorry if this totally doesn't interest you at all but this blog is a personal space for me and I think this next year my head is definitely going to be in planning mode and how can I not share things with you all? So, if this bores you- I'll understand .. just scroll down. ;)

Also, after next weekends Napa wedding I'll be heading back to Los Angeles so be expecting a lot of blog catch up. If I know some of you, and I KNOW I know some of you, you've been refreshing the page daily waiting to see some of your images. ;)

Because a blog post is better with pictures- here are some highlights from Becky and Adam's portrait time a little earlier in the summer.