Garth and Julie : Engaged! Pasadena, CA

QUICK NOTE: I will be working from the Bay Area from August 11-September 7th so if you'd like to schedule an anytime shoot, kids shoot, or a meeting to get some info on wedding coverage shoot me an email: meg(at)megperotti(dot)com When I headed over to Garth and Julie's Beverly Hills abode a few months ago to meet them, I instantly knew we were meant to work together. Garth was walking home from his entertainment industry office while I was arriving and as soon as he walked in the door he cracked open a bottle of wine and offered me a glass. With the Laker's game in the background we chatted about their Hollywood themed wedding- oohed and ahhed over their Save the Dates and laughed- a LOT. When it came time to book their engagement session, since it's wedding season overload, we had to get a little creative to work with everyones schedules and ended up shooting early in the AM on a Friday. It was perfect because by noon it was about 100 degrees and HUMID like no other in Pasadena. I had such a great time running all over the garden grounds with these two- Julie is a professional dancer with an amazingly big laugh which is just infectuious and despite Garth's disgruntling about having to miss work, he was absolutely hamming it up! Julie kept laughing and saying, "Who knew??" I can't wait to shoot your wedding in December guys- I can already tell it is going to ooze Hollywood glamour! Hope New York is treating you both well- Julie is my personal John Gosselin stalker at the moment. ;) (Can you beleive that guy!!!)




 Here's that laugh.... Everyone should marry someone who can make them laugh this hard! :)



Julie brought her toe shoes along for a few- but her feet were killing her (as you can imagine!) so we were quick with them!