Father's Day..

Another super amazing reason why what I do is the best job in the world- This year I managed to be home for both Mother's Day AND Father's Day. Since I didn't get to wish my dad a proper blog message I wanted to post this picture of him that had me and my mom buckled over in laughter. You see, my Daddy is a musician, and growing up instead of listening to him hum along to songs on the radio in his white VW Bus- we witnessed complete top of the lungs singing, drumming on the dashboard, air guitar, i-am-picturing-myself-on-the-stage-at-The-Fillmore-right-now full on rock out sessions. One thing that my Dad taught me was to never sing the melody. Seriously- my Dad is a harmonizing fool. To this day, when I am driving along singing to The Fray or Beyonce's "Halo" (can't help it!) I'm singing the harmony part!

Anyway, to get to the photo- I believe this was during the obligatory SHOUT! breakdown and out of the corner of my ear I hear my dad accompanying The Isley Brothers in perfect harmony. I leaned over to my mom and said, "Of course Dad has to sing the harmony!" Nothing like pure laughing at yourself laughter- to my Daddy who always taught me to take the road less traveled- Melody?? HA! Who needs melody- we're harmonizers!