Farewell to 2011 : We'll take a cup o' kindness yet, For auld lang syne.

My darlings.... Oh what a year it's been! I've been doing some reflecting lately... a lot of reflecting, in fact, on every blessing, surprise, triumph, failure, beginning, and end that this year has brought me. Like any other year, I have learned many lessons about my business and myself and am looking forward to opening the door on 2012 with new schemes and goals in mind for the next 365 days. I casually remarked to a friend at my wedding last year that we never know what a year can bring and I am not sure I have ever been more right. In the middle of purchasing and moving into our very own new home, I shot more weddings this year than I ever have in a year and found myself documenting love all over the map. I will not sugar coat it, while being your own boss can be incredibly rewarding it is also oftentimes an all-consuming emotional roller coaster. Creativity can run dry and when you are stretched thin already can almost disappear all together- but I would never have made it through this year without the help of my most cherished clients- my brides and grooms.

You understand me. You see the world the way I see the world and appreciate and trust me with your most cherished memories. No matter how behind I am on album designs, print orders, or the million other tasks it takes to run a business (and attempt to have a personal life) every Saturday your smiles and excitement and love remind me why it is I do what I do. You all hold so much beauty inside of you and, in hopes that I do not sound as if I am a poet, it was truly an honor to find your souls through my lens.

You are all my favorites and without you, this year, truly, would not have even begun to have been this astounding.

I have never been very good at choosing "best" images so I took a couple of hours and chose some at random from all of the wedding galleries from 2011. I tried to grab images that might not have been posted yet but know that each and every one of you provided me so much inspiration that this task felt almost impossible. Some of these weddings I have not even blogged yet so look for those to come. I also shot so many beautiful families, portraits, engagements, and babies and want to thanks those clients as well.

Have a wonderful New Years Eve and Day... rest and relax.. regroup and make lists of all of the things you want to do this year. Leave room for error, leave room for the multitude of tasks that follow success, leave room for sleep and lots of room for love.... I LOVE YOU ALL and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!