San Francisco Wedding Photographer : Erin and Scott : Engagement Session in Washington DC : + House Hunting

So Tim and I are house-hunting.... while it's really exciting to be walking into houses and picturing our little future family running around it's also really stressful to be thinking about all that could be wrong with the biggest purchase we're likely ever to make! We rent the craftsmen charmer we live in now and it's pretty awesome to get the benefits of a house but not have to stress about the foundation. But! We're ready to start making payments towards something that is ours... It's been pretty funny to see how differently Tim and I approach this process- I am very much an emotional buyer. I see, I feel, I picture .... "Over there- that's where the Christmas tree will go, and over there? A rocking chair with the quilt your mom gave us... oh and here! a little table perfectly positioned for the morning sunlight!" ... Tim is more like this,  "Hm... I wonder what those cracks mean? Does the floor feel sloped to you? Those windows will need to be completely replaced." When I beg, "Can't you just hear the little pitter patter of feet in footsy pajamas running down the halls?" He rolls his eyes, "Yes, and then seeing them fall through the rotting hardwood right into a leaky basement!" I'm an optimist- perpetually seeing the bright side of things.. Tim well, he's a realist to the fullest extent. Even from those two different sets of eyes we're both really exciting about this new endeavor and can't wait to have a place to call our own.

Wish us luck!

In photo news.....last month I hopped on a plane and headed to Washington DC to shoot Erin and Scott's engagement session, Capital style! Erin lived in DC when they first started dating and although they are getting married later this year at Kohl Mansion they wanted to revisit the place where their love blossomed for their engagement pictures. We had so much fun running around town, even if it did end up being overcast, taking advantage of everything this awesome city had to offer! It was, and always is, refreshing to be using a new backdrop for shooting and I want to thank Erin and Scott for having me out there to document their love!