Claire Pettibone : Kristene : For Sale - $1,750


I don't usually use my blog for this kind of stuff but I thought this would be a good way to reach more people that might be interested in this beautiful gown! If you read my blog regularly you know that I bought the dress of my dreams.... then decided it wasn't exactly right on me and ended up wearing a different one! While I am not ready to part with the gorgeous Carolina Herrera I ended up floating down the aisle in I can safely let go of Miss Kristene. I was tempted to hack off the lower part and dye it into a cocktail number but I just couldn't do it. It's too beautiful to change.

It's never been worn, except for a few times around my house- recently been tailored and needs cleaning and would fit 0-6. The price is a steal as the dress retails for over $4,000. I just want it off my hands and into someone who will love her! :) If you are local I'd be happy to have you over to try it on .... obviously no returns and payment either cash or we can arrange a credit card payment for a small transaction fee. All pretty standard on that end!

Here are some pictures- let me know if she speaks to you :) meg {at}



The back of the neck actually lays flat across your shoulders- no sag like in the photo below.

All of those little dot like lace pieces dangle and move when you walk.

The train lays about a foot and a half behind you and is sort of rounded to be shaped like a heart- goes back into a V shape to mimic the detailing on the lace that goes down your spine.

It's just hanging in the closet all wrapped up waiting for a home!

ALSO! One of my brides, Siri is selling her vintage 1940s gown- check that auction out here.