Chris and Carly : The Parker Palm Springs Rehearsal Dinner Portraits

Where do I start with these two??????? Chris and Carly started out as really cool clients now they are really really cool friends. When we met over coffee a little less than a year ago I felt an instant connection- the wedding they were planning sounded completely fantastic, renting out The Orbit In in Palm Springs to bring all their friends and family together in one place for a fabulous weekend of celebration. Chris and Carly pulled out all the stops w/ their decor- they used the feel of the Orbin In to create a really cohesive aesthetic which led to some amazing photographs! This was one of those weddings where I wanted to run up onto the roof and scream, "Is this seriously  my  job??!??!??" :) The post that is going to follow this is going to have a lot of tips for getting great photos in it (because I truly think Chris and Carly did everything right)- but the one I am going to include in this is COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER.

Chris, Carly, and I were on the exact same page since the day we met. They described the type of photographs they wanted- they were creative and had detailed thoughts about their engagement session images and how they wanted their photographs to really reflect the feeling of the day. They sent me pictures of the venue, explained what their inspiration was, showed me the vintage postcards they used for their Save the Dates, Heather and I had dinner with them before to further chat about wedding things and life things, so that on their wedding day we would all know exactly what our goals were. They trusted me and set a scene for me that was impossible to not feel inspired by!

Now, I realize that some clients don't necessarily set out to have wedding photos like Chris and Carly's- some clients would rather quickly take a few portraits in a beautiful vineyard or grassy area overlooking the ocean and then get on with their party. To some, photos aren't the end all (GASP!) ... but that's a good thing to communicate to your photographer too- that way we know that you want to get in and get out and we can talk and communicate about the best way to get great photos in that case too! So - biggest lesson today.. photographers are not mind readers, we have to click the shutter to get the shot, so share and communicate information w/ your photographer so you can both put your best foot forward on your big day!

Chris and Carly invited me to stay at the hotel where the wedding was taking place and Heather, who came out to assist for the weekend, and I quickly felt like part of their family. We arrived on Friday and photographed their rehearsal dinner which took place at The Parker. Because Chris and Carly are awesome and truly put importance on portraits we were able to make a little time to do some shots of them at the hotel before dinner.

Some details of The Orbin In




The Parker








Wedding day photos to follow soon!!