San Francisco Engagement Photography: Fort Mason Engagement Session : Carolyn and Andrew

I've been going to SF a lot. Like, a LOT. It's quite funny really- I think I've been there more times in the past 3 months than all the trips from growing up here combined. Although, I am not complaining for a few reasons.....

1. It takes 45 minutes to get there from our house. Not on a good day, not on a bad day, just 45 minutes. I don't have to leave 3 hours early just in case the 5 is jammed, or a truck accidentally dropped orange cones all over the 10... it's stress free driving up here compared to Los Angeles and boy is it grand! A little known fact about me- I get road rage. Seriously.... its not good for my blood pressure.

2. I get to be a tourist! My clients keep suggesting these spots that I know I am supposed to have seen. So I kind of do that thing you do when you're trying to sound informed, "Oh yeah! I totally know where that is.. its that one street.. up by... totally you can see the Golden Gate? No? Oh well.. yeah I totally know where it is!" And then I revel at the fact that I get to cross off one more famous landmark on my "experience" list.

3. I get to catch up on my This American Life episodes. Ira Glass's (swoon!) adorable voice lasts almost exactly 45 minutes .. if you are a TAL fan you know what I mean when I say that sometimes I'm laughing all the way up there, sometimes I'm crying.

4. .... I love my job! :)

Carolyn and Andrew live in the city so the city was the most natural spot for them to choose for their engagement images. We tossed around a bunch of locations but inevitably we ended up at Fort Mason. I could shoot there another 5 times and not use the same spot twice- seriously. Now, I was a little bit nervous because Andrew had sent me some pdfs of some truly amazing photographs (think Annie, Helmut, Demarchelier) and I really wanted to impress! He had me and Carolyn in stitches the entire shoot with his quick wit and the day turned out to be nothing to be nervous about. (Shocking!) Can't wait for your wedding in July, guys!