Bay Area Wedding Photographer : Los Feliz Engagement Session : Blessin and Min

Good things come to those who wait really rang true for this session! Blessin is one of those brides who is super involved in all things photo and her and I, I feel, are meant to be. People often ask me how I get my clients to bring props and take more of a role in planning their engagement images and I have to say, I think I am just lucky! About a year ago I started getting frustrated with the lack of creativity I was putting into my work. Five years ago editorial/fashion photography was where I thought I would be and while I absolutely love love love shooting weddings I really wanted to start bringing more editorial aspects to my shoots. Insert Kaumyar and Ashley here. I produced the shoot and video I have on my main page, thanks to Jeff Conrad, and followed that with Chris and Carly's vintage car engagement shoot... and voila! everyone wanted props and craved an editorial flair for their engagement images. Lead by example... "if you build it, they will come" ... hee hee. :)

Back to Blessin....We exchanged countless emails regarding her and her love, Mins, engagement images... locations, props, clothes, everything was all set and then WHAM! Mother Nature appeared.... we held out to the very very last minute to reschedule but when Mayor Villaraigosa threatened downtown LA with flash floods we just couldn't hold out any longer- we postponed their session for my next trip to Los Angeles and kept our fingers crossed for sunshine. As you'll see from the images below we got plenty of it! Thanks to Blessins "photo club" friend, Brent, for helping us out that day!! Couldn't have done it without you, Brent! :)

Blessin wore a dress that belonged to her mother- fit her perfect and had such a GREAT style to it!

Thanks guys, can't wait for your wedding!!!

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