Bay Area Wedding Photographer : A Wedding at The Holly Farm : Carmel by the Sea : Martin and Kelly

Honestly, you can't go wrong with The Holly Farm.

Coming from all over the world, Martin, Kelly, and their families all met up in sunny Carmel to celebrate their marriage destination style. I've written about The Holly Farm many times before but I have a hard time not continuing to rave about it. The property is nestled in the hills of the Carmel Valley and is truly a hidden oasis... By the time I arrive for the wedding on Saturday afternoon guests have already been on the property for a few days and have always made themselves comfortable in the adorable little bungalows.. playing bocce ball or horse shoes on the lawn or smoking cigars in the garden... employees follow you around, raking meticulous circles and figure 8's into the crushed granite (or something like that ... I know for sure that is isn't sand because I made that mistake once ;) ) and even though you know behind the scenes people are bustling around to make everything about the days event perfect, every encounter is met with a smile.

Martin and Kelly couldn't have fit into the Holly Farm vibe any better. Their laid-back style and ease was intoxicating to be around and the amount of laughter and shared glances these two shared throughout the day just melted my heart.

A lot of times, when I am booking clients, I hear people tell me that it's my candids that really draw them into my work. I am sneaky like a ninja (did I just say that? yes. yes I did) ... and over the years have learned just the right moment to click my shutter (some call it intuition) but I have a hard time being critical or praising my own images. Usually when clients tell me what they love about my work, I just smile and say, "Thank You.." but in looking through Martin and Kelly's images I was really struck by the many candids I managed to catch this day. You see, for me, weddings aren't just about the bride and groom. Of course, they are the stars... but what I truly love about weddings is the sometimes once in a lifetime opportunity to have all of the people who you love the most and who love you together in one place. It's so important for me to turn my camera on them and document their presence just as much as it's important for me to capture that first kiss.

It was such a pleasure to have documented not only Martin and Kelly's love but all the love that surrounded them that day...isn't love really all we need?


DJ-  Antonio Diaz/Soundshine Entertainment

Floral- Kate Healey/Big Sur Flowers

Dessert-  Freeport Bakery