Bay Area Portrait Photographer : Julia, Nick, and little Daphne

I never found the time to write much about our wedding details but I am so very excited to share that our wedding was published up on Green Wedding Shoes today! So much fun to share lots of extra details that didn't run in the knot and some more info on our vendors. Sigh... best day of my life. Check it out!

jasmine* rocks

Now for the cutest puppy in the world ... enough said :)

No but seriously ... if you know me well, you know I'm not the biggest animal/dog person in the world. I don't hate them nor am I afraid of them I just .. don't particularly want them. I know, they are cute and cuddly and can be your best friend but I didn't grow up with them and I never quite know how to act around them! BUT, you guys.... Daphne almost made me want one of my own! Her little face and manner was just so precious.. she was the belle of the ice cream shop and her mommy and daddy love her so so so much!

As always... onward!