Bay Area Kids Photographer : Shae and Ava

Happy Easter!

The morning after I arrived back in Los Angeles from Costa Rica I had the chance to photograph my favorite little orange county darlings, Shae and Ava. I photographed them back in December for their Christmas card but little Ava was at that awkward not-yet-sitting-but-not-quite-only-laying age so their Mama, Sarah wanted to try again when she got a little stronger. I've been photographing Shae since she was only 6 months old and have so enjoyed watching her come into her own little personality. She is a spit-fire and is definitely going to be a handle when she hits her teenage years! Her expression would go from mysterious and serious to a huge smile in one frame!

I think this is a perfect shoot for an Easter-day post .. little girls in Sunday dresses never gets old to me!

Love to Sarah and Brian- xoxo