Bay Area Engagement Session in San Francisco : Lauren and Misha

Lauren and Misha's engagement images were such a blast to photograph- It was a typical August in SF- wind, cold, slight rain, and fog! Yes, rest of the country, we do get cold/bad weather conditions for shooting here in California occasionally! Regardless of the weather, these two had smiles plastered to their faces the entire time! We started off in their neighborhood and then took a little driving trip around the city  to find some secret spots ;)

I find that for a lot my clients, "Where do you want to do your engagement session?" can be a question that is stressful to answer. A little tip- it helps when you keep it close to home ... You want to pick a location that means something to you ... a place that when you look at your photos in the years to come you'll be able to reminisce about the breakfast nook at your first apartment together, long walks you took by that lake, or those fun days you spent at the county fair eating corn dogs. A lot of people instantly answer, "I don't know- we were thinking the beach...." and I usually follow it up with, "Does it mean anything to you?" and sometimes it does- "Yeah, we live a block from it and spend all of our summer days down there playing frisbee... " (or something) but a lot of time clients will pause..."Not really... we just thought it was pretty and know a lot of friends who did their photos there....." I then give them the "Meg" ... a look that says, "Listen to yourself... you can do better than your friends beach location!!!" :) Lauren and Misha wanted to start their engagement session out on the street that they live on... we found some great spots in their neighborhood and then explored the back of their building and found a great little outdoor garden that overlooked the city... all within 4 blocks of their own home! Once we finished up there they wanted some more softer natural inspired shots so we all piled into my car and headed to the Presidio ... two very simple spots with a lot of beautiful contrast and beautiful memories attached. Sometimes the answer is right in front of your face :)

Can't wait for Lauren and Misha's wedding next year up at Barndiva!