Bay Area Engagement Session : Audra and Charlie : Tulips and Mirrors

Audra and I go way back, like, way ... way... back. I've probably known her since the day she was born and spent a lot of days in my childhood at parks, playgrounds, and backyards eating snacks and playing house with her. Our moms went to high school together and I used to spend summertime at her house when my mom was working. We took swim lessons together and I distinctly remember dropping her off at gymnastics regularly. She is a bit younger than me and when it was time for her to start high school I remember her shadowing me... of course, she chose Mitty over Presentation- but why bring that up? ;) I was so excited when I heard she got engaged and more excited and totally honored when she told me she wanted me to be the one to document her and Charlie's big day! It was so great to finally meet Charlie and we had such a great time using fun props and lovely lit locations in the Santa Cruz mountains. Thanks for being so great you guys- I can't wait for your wedding! See you at Aqui!!!