Bay Area Engagement Photos: Jacquelyn and Nate : From Southern CA to Northern CA in a weekend

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! I did my best not to labor much but shot a gorgeous wedding on Saturday and spent lots of time working on the house. I've barely had a minute to spare to even tell you guys about this house we bought but I am working on a post (with images!) for you soon. Things slow down a bit in the next two months and I'm looking forward to having some time to focus on production work instead of so much shooting! (Although, I can't complain much! :) )

Jacquelyn and Nate and I spent two days together for their engagement session as they live in Southern CA but spend a lot of time in Northern CA and really picture themselves in both locations. I was shooting a wedding in LA in July so we were able to start their session down in the OC and finish up here in San Jose! Best of both worlds as far as I'm concerned. :) These two are absolutely gorgeous and were a complete joy to photograph.

Now, on a completely photographic level, their first location was not the easiest spots to photograph in to put it bluntly. However, I always encourage my clients to chose locations with meaning behind them and this place had some serious sentimental value for them so I was definitely up for the challenge! Although, when Jacquelyn told me it was called Le Cave, I'm going to be honest, I got nervous. Let me tell you, a CAVE it was! Nate led me down the elavator and my eyes seriously couldn't even adjust at first, I couldn't see a thing. Because I was traveling by plane for my wedding that weekend I couldn't pack as much lighting as I would have had it been local so we made do with one strobe/umbrella kit and two of those industrial lights from home depot. And honestly, it seriously inspired me. I was having a BALL. It was really refreshing to problem solve and think on the fly like that. I really love these images :)

After our early afternoon session at Le Cave we were originally planning on heading to the beach but it was still pretty bright outside (and you know me and natural light!) so we made a totally spontaneous decision to stop by the OC Fair! I'd never been and Nate and Jacquelyn had a corn on the cob craving so it ended up being a great choice and the light was delish.


Jaquelyn has the most amazing freckles... just like me :)

And then on Monday we woke up in the Bay Area and headed to Quicksilver for some AM hiking! Special thanks to J's mom for being an awesome support system. :)

So looking forward to your wedding next year at Holman Ranch- thanks for a great weekend!!!