Bay Area Engagement Photography : Santa Cruz Engagement Session : Alicia and Vlad

My dad said something to me Saturday afternoon as I sat in my parents backyard waiting for Uncle Tim to grill up dinner and I've spent the last two days letting it settle in. The sun was shining on the lawn, Mom was bent over her pots planting some new spring flowers, the wind had kicked up just enough to send the leaves rustling through the cherry trees, and my dad looked up at me and said, "It's days like this that make life worth living."

I know I've talked about this before, but my dad is right. Until the moment he let those words out of his mouth, I didn't know where I got my ability to always look on the bright side of life. I've always found it very easy to keep a smile on my face through just about anything and will credit many of my successes to that fact. People want to be surrounded by positivity, laughter, brightness. Life isn't about grand gestures or huge successes- it's about little things. Simple pleasures... the wind in your hair, the sunbeams on your porch, the sound of rain on the roof.  I encourage you all to take a quick look at life today. Just a quick, simple look. Making someone feel beautiful for a day, photographing two people in love, documenting a newborns first week of life- my job is about these simple pleasures and I hope that when you have a chance to work with me- I remind you of this. Thanks for reminding me, Daddy.

As I drove over highway 17, headed towards Wilder Ranch, to photograph Alicia and Vlad I tried to take a imaginary picture of my clarity. The air was crisp and the sky clear, - it wasn't raining, we weren't going to have to reschedule, and I couldn't wait to spend my afternoon documenting love! These two are just ridiculously cute and I can't wait to photograph their wedding day later this year at Holly Farm!