Bay Area Engagement Photographer : Amber and Dave : Old Town Pasadena, CA

Wanted to share something that touched me this week. I am a sucker for things that tug at my heart strings. Anyone know what this is a commercial for? ;)

Millions of people, everyone after themselves.

Can this really be the only way? No.

Here’s to honour, and to galantry, long may it live. Here’s to doing the right thing, to giving a damn. Here’s to the straight talkers, who give their word and keep it.

Here’s to freedom wherever you find it, and knowing the true meaning of wealth. Here’s to the brave among us. Here’s to a code of behaviour that sets certain men apart from all others. Here’s to us.

Live with chivalry.

Well! This session is a result of cabin fever. The storm that took California hostage also created havoc on my delicate schedule. Thank goodness the sun returned Saturday morning and the skies cleared for Amber and Dave's engagement session in Old Town Pasadena. They are so super cute and were down for anything, which is always a plus. Nothing better than a client who trusts me completely! Amber is doing some blogging over at wedding bee- follow her wedding plans here! Enjoy!

Live with chivalry.

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