Ay-er-Land... Ireland!

Tim and I recently took a jet plane across the Atlantic to see some stuff we've only ever seen in pictures! We'll start with Ireland. I've wanted to go to Ireland since the day I saw The Secret of Roan Inish...Jaimmeee.... Jaimmeeee... I loved Ireland- I can't wait to go back. The countryside is absolutely beautiful- there's a loveliness to the land there- poetic almost.

That said, ;) unfortunately, our trip started in Dublin, which, I will say, we both found a bit repulsive. I don't know if it was the fact that we were coming from the wonderful city that is London or if it was just the exhaustion we were feeling in our legs from walking so much but we just did NOT like it. It seems as if it was just littered with dirty "alternative" teen-agers, smoking, drinking, being their normal obnoxious teenage selves. One thing I have had to learn about myself over the years (and some days I love this quality and some days I hate it!) is that I am a pretty clean cut girl. I like pretty girlie drinks in martini glasses and prefer to be home in bed before 11- even on Saturdays. (Good thing Tim exercises this schedule as well!) Being rowdy kind of gives me anxiety... Perhaps this is why Dublin and I didn't mesh. But, I wholeheartedly agree that life is all about experiences and forming opinions based on them and I can proudly say that I don't like Dublin from experience but I absolutely loved everything else about Ireland- and that opinion is worth the whole trip!

 Trinity College


 Dublin Castle


We did have some great moments in some great pubs though!


 Hill of Tara





Blarney Castle



 The founder of my high school, Nano Nagle is buried in Cork. I went to her grave to pay my respects. :)


Cork- we really loved Cork's vibe.






 Glendalough- if I could recommend one thing to see it would be this. Absolutely enchanting!


There ya have it- I feel so blessed to be in a profession where I can plan a trip like this without putting in a vacation request. Life is good, guys!!