Annemarie and Michael : Downtown San Jose Wedding at The Saint Claire

Annemarie and I go way back- I'm not sure if she remembers this but I remember her from the very first day of high school. My last name and her last name are close together in the alphabet so in classes where the teacher did the seating chart in alphabetical order, we oftentimes ended up sitting next to each other. I went to a public middle school and transferred into the private school system as a freshman so I honestly did not know one person in my freshman class that first day of school. I don't remember exactly how I was feeling but nervous probably doesn't even start to describe it.... but I remember clearly Annemarie being one of the first girls I met in Miss Aquino's religion class. It's things like this that make me all the more thankful that I do what I do. Over the years I have been able to reconnect with people who I may only have seen at our reunions and not only reconnect but play a part in one of the biggest most happiest days of their lives! It was such an absolute joy to photograph Annemarie and Mike's wedding and I want to thank them for allowing me the pleasure!

They tied the knot at St. Christophers church and partied it up at The Saint Claire in downtown San Jose. It was seriously a BEAUTIFUL wedding with fabulous decor and flowers by Asiel Designs that were to die for.

Check it out :)