Amber and Johnny : A Wedding : Long Beach, CA

In January I received an email from a fellow Digital Wedding Forum subscriber, Kendra Duerst of Kendra Weddings asking me if I was free to do a last minute 2nd shooting job. I was and try to never give up a chance to shoot with another photographer if I am free because it is such a good learning experience to observe how someone else works.  Kendra runs her days a little differently than mine- for one- she has way more photographers there the day of than I do so it was great to meet so many new shooters! Amber and Johnny were just the cutest couple and are obviously surrounded by such amazing family and friends. As you'll see below, I spent most of my day with the bridesmaids and manned a booth at the reception so you won't see any photos past the formals here! Thanks for having me out Kendra and congrats to Amber and Johnny- it was most definitely a pleasure!

UPDATE!!! PS If you read this blog and live in the Bay Area shoot me and email and lets meet up while I'm up there next week. I am looking to build some relationships with some great 2nd shooters! Some of you emailed me last time I mentioned this trip and I put your emails in a file before leaving for Vegas and POOF! e-mail land  took them somewhere where they can't be found. EMAIL ME AGAIN!!! Can't wait to meet up!