Alissa, Chris, and Presley : Bay Area Family Portraits

Dear Chris,

Thank you for always being on my team- even though I was terrible at kick the can, concentration, bush, sardines, baseball... you name it. What can I say? I was clearly not an athlete. Your kind heart has always been apparent and I know that this will make you the best possible Dad Presley could have. Congrats to you and Alissa!!!



Chris is part of the way-back crew- Folks, we grew up on a little slide of heaven called Arbor Dr. .. a block-party paradise with kids all of the same general age and parents all of the same general class, political parties, and margarita like-ness. Seriously, some Leave it to Beaver stuff...

Here is my generation of the Arbor Dr. crew at our wedding :)

Presley is part of the newest generation to hit the block .... she is so precious and looks so much like her daddy!