Alicia and Vlad : A wedding at Holly Farm, Carmel

It's amazing what a good solid week of work from home followed by a weekend off will do for me. I haven't had a case of the Mondays in a long time but having a weekend to actually enjoy myself (not that I don't enjoy myself at weddings, but you know) made me crave a real vacation. Honeymoon anyone?

I'm happy to have the busiest stretch of my year behind me and am so happy to be recharged for Megan and Kevin's wedding this weekend. Been looking forward to this one for some time! I think I've seen Megan at least once a month on my porch for wedding planning therapy sessions since they booked and after Saturday I'm going to have to beg her to meet me for margaritas so she can help me through the next 4 months. Wedding planning is a lot of fun- but can also be a lot of stress. I go through waves of emotion about it-

"Let's just ELOPE! Gasp! What are we going to do for menus? It has to be adorable! Oh screw menus- why do people need to know what they're eating anyways? Oh it's going to be so beautiful.... oh! I need to do research on *insert dumb detail that makes no difference in the quality of life Tim and I are going to have but will look so good in photos!*" Can anyone relate to the caring immensely and then not caring at all dichotomy of planning your wedding? I'm starting to feel like I am going to spend the entire month of October crying... or laughing! Here we go again.....

Alicia and Vlad tied the knot at one of my absolute favorite venues in Northern California- Holly Farm. I don't just love this venue for it's total charm though- I love it for the darling owner, Erin Moses. She is such a joy to work with, makes sure vendors are taken care of as well as the guests, and handles all sorts of wedding day shake-downs with a smile on her face! Alicia and Vlad's wedding was full of laughter and lots and lots of vodka! It was such a joy to have been a part of their beautiful day!