A weekend fitness update... and ..I can't help myself again...Hanson?

I am, in general, a pretty healthy person. I don't drink much, I don't smoke, I go to the gym pretty regularly, enjoy a good hike, eat really healthy except for the occasional slice of pizza, bowl of Cherry Garcia, or a cookie or two..or three. However, recently I felt a little stall in my metabolism. Can't eat as much and maintain the same weight I am used to. Inspired by Heather's recent dive into personal training I decided to sign myself up with a trainer as well. Like I said before, I'm a pretty healthy person and I generally feel like I'm in pretty good shape. I can run a couple miles without being too winded- I can lift a decent amount of weight, etc. Weellll- Apparently I was wrong. Desperately wrong. I am in NO shape at ALL! I had my first training session this morning and although I managed to make it through the work out all right, stopping here and there to let my heart rest a bit- the minute I sat down in the chair across from my new torturer I felt the corners of my eyes going black. I muttered something like, "Jason, I'm feeling a little...." Wham! Next thing I know Jason's got me on the floor with my feet elevated and a wet towel draped across my neck. Once the nausea subsided the embarrassment set in. Jason assured me that this happens quite frequently, daily even, and he's glad he knows my body's reaction and urged me to eat a little more before our next session. Our NEXT session??? Help! I'll have wedding stuff up later .... I'm just feeling personal today. Stolen from Amy's Myspace... just a little current photo from a big part of my past. I have to admit I'm a little ...what's the word I'm looking for here.. uncomfortable? with the rate of reproduction these boys believe in. Seems like every time I decide to check up on their website one of them has pro-created! I'm not against more Hanson's genes in the general gene pool of humanity but... I mean, it seems like it's getting a little out of hand. I mean, I think between the three of them- all under 30 (the youngest being like, 22?) they have, like, 7 kids now.. or something? Mom, you've got my back right? And don't you think Taylor's jacket is made for a woman? What is with that?

Update: I've though about this some more, and I think my discomfort with their rate of reproduction could possibly be stemming from, embarrassingly enough, jealously. Perhaps it's not that they're popping babies out like they are hit singles- perhaps it's just that they aren't popping them out with me? .... Nahhhhhhhh, couldn't be!