A wedding in Malibu : Mandy and Travis : The Sunset Restaurant

Happy Memorial Day! Whether you were busy shooting or had the luck to find time to relax I hope you had a good weekend! Somehow I managed to keep myself free for memorial day relaxation and bbqing this year and I couldn't be more happier. It's so nice to actually share a holiday with the rest of the country instead of spending it at work-Tim and I are about *this* close to owning a house (as soon as we have keys I promise to share details but for now I don't want to jinx it!) and we are having so much fun planning all of the projects we are anxious to get started on (hellloooo kitchen remodel!)... You are all very aware at how much I thrive when I am completely swamped with projects so hopefully we'll enter this phase of life stress free. For now, just enjoying some much needed downtime before I head off to Lexington, Kentucky for the Hancock/Kruger wedding extravaganza!

Since Mandy and Travis live in the DC area and are currently on their way to moving to China for Travis's super awesome job for the US government I thought Memorial Day would be the perfect day to share their wedding images.

Coordinated by Mindy Roderick, Mandy and Travis got married at The Sunset Restaurant in Malibu. The beach was obviously a gorgeous setting but I feel compelled to share with you Mandy's amazing getting ready location- the Tuscali Mountain Inn. Seriously, if you are looking for a romantic, quiet, mountain getaway head to Topanga Canyon and stay here. Miss Jasmine, who so graciously came out to assist me that day, and I were both swooning over every detail of the property.