A wedding in Costa Rica : Lex and Lee : Pura Vida!

Can I come to Costa Rica to shoot your wedding? Um, let me think about that. YES! I like to be open and honest with the world. So I'm going to let you in a little something about this next wedding. I get nervous when I travel. I LOVE traveling- let me make that known. But, I have a fear of the unknown that sometimes cripples me and creates pains deep down in my stomach. It's like I am standing on a diving board looking at a pool full of water that I know is absolutely freezing and I just have to jump in. I know it will take my breath away and sting my skin as soon as I make contact with it but I argue with the pains in my stomach until I convince myself that I have the courage to jump. (Whether the courage actually exists doesn't really matter.)  Of course, as soon as I jump- as soon as my body is submerged in the icy water- the water doesn't feel so icy anymore. In fact, it feels refreshing and awakens my mind. It felt so good to jump into Costa Rica and to jump into Lex and Lee's story. That said....

I was nervous about this wedding- like crippling stomach pain nervous. I am good at what I do, that I know. I am humbled that someone would want to fly me somewhere to photograph them and I try to remain as confident in my abilities as I can. (Of course, I am an artist and artists are constantly questioning their ability.) So, as you can imagine, flying to Central America to shoot a wedding does not mix with my fear of the unknown very well. It's a good thing that Lex and Lee and their entire wedding did! Minutes upon arriving at the amaaaazing wedding venue, Villa Caletas, my worries subsided. We had made it there with all of our luggage, we had survived the flight, the van ride, and our Spanish was proving to be pretty good! We were greeted with warm towels for our face and yummy juice and I immediately looked over at Heather and thought to myself, "I could get used to this."

Lex and Lee and their entire friends and family were a dream. I photographed Lex's sister, Ileana's wedding to Carlos 2 years ago (hi guys! pina colada, anyone?) so I already knew that I was head over heels in love with them but the way they all put my stomach at ease and welcomed Heather and I into their celebration was over-whelming. I was chatting with Lex on gchat recently (because we're besties now :) ) and we were commenting how we sort of feel like we were never there- like it was literally all a dream. We remarked, "Thank goodness there are pictures!" Yes, thank goodness! And with that- thank you to Lex and Lee and your familes for having me out to document your love. I was overwhelmed with the intensity of what you feel for each other and am so honored to have played a part in your special day. You are not clients, you are friends forever!


Lex's bridesmaids made her garter out of pieces of their bikinis. :)

Wondering what that gorgeous stone is? Lee surprised Lex with a black Tahitian pearl as her engagement ring.

Puda Vida!

To view a complete slideshow of their wedding day images click here.

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