A Photographers Wedding Photographer?

A little something sweet...... On Monday Tim and I will have been together for 7 years... (for the record, that is since I was 19 years old!) I was recently talking to a friend of mine about how crazy it is that we're all reaching this age where people have been in our lives for over a decade... and while Tim and I haven't quite reached 10 yet, it hit me that Tim and I have history together. We have a story and we have been such a huge part in each others lives for so long now that I cannot, and hope I never have to, picture my life without him. To celebrate our last anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend (oh, how charming!) we are having our engagement pictures taken in the neighborhood that we called home for years.

One of the first things that everyone asked me when we got engaged was, "Who is going to shoot your wedding?" Being that we were getting married in the bay area my first thought was, "Oh good lord.... can I afford to fly her up here?"  - and then I was like, "Doesn't matter!" ... When I was just a wee thing of 23 (ha!) and working at Architectural Digest and shooting weddings and not knowing which was the right road to follow my dear friend Ana took me to a party in good ol' Orange County for a new wedding magazine launch. At the time I read, maybe, 6 blogs on a consistent basis: fashion, food, shelter, design,and The Pioneer Woman, and Jasmine *... Not knowing much about the beast that is the wedding industry I happened to see Jasmine from across the room and thought to myself, "If I had a blog, I'd want to know who was reading it....." So, being my dumb self, I said hi! I don't remember exactly how the conversation went but all I remember is that I left that party knowing wedding photography was the road I was going to follow and I do believe that Jasmine's little push played a huge part in that decision.

"What's stopping you?" she said.

It only made sense to me that she'd be the only choice. There is a lot about planning a wedding that being a wedding photographer hinders (information overload??!?!?) but this was not one of them. I have so many friends that are photographers and so many people who do such amazing work that it wasn't easy. One huge thing was that I wanted my photographer friends to be able to enjoy themselves and only take pictures if they felt like it. I don't want to feel like I'm short changing them! I'm only getting married once and there is only one person besides myself and Heather (who is in the wedding, duh!) who I know I will be completely calm and collected working with and that's Jasmine. So there ya have it folks- Who is going to shoot my wedding? She is!

Can't wait to share the images we capture on Monday- I'm part nervous and part excited .. but I've got a good team of girls helping me looking good and Tim is wearing the cutest clothes I've ever seen him in so we're all good to go. Here are two images from two engagement shoots I did last weekend that I am looking forward to sharing next week!!!