A freeway interaction on Memorial Day

Driving on the 10 on the way to Candance and Rick's engagement session in packed memorial day traffic today I looked over to my right and noticed a guy waving at me. Stream of conscience: First thought- he thinks he knows me. Oh god, he thinks he knows me. Just smile and wave..... wait, he's STILL waving. He's pointing to my rented Mazda3's door...shoot- did he hit me and I didn't notice??? Oh no! Tim said not to get the insurance! He wants me to roll the window down .....ugh, is he going to hit on me? or something? ...it actually went something like this: Him: "Hey! My M3 is a 2006! What's yours???"

Me: "Ohhhh, um it's a rental actually. But it's a great car!"

Him: "I know!! Right??? Best. Car. Ever. Welp! Enjoy, Drive on, my Mazda friend!"

Me: "Have a great day!" (continue chugging along on the 10....)

These kind of interactions with others make me feel alive. They remind me I am not alone in the world, that there are billions of other people out there with lives, stories, loved ones, pasts, futures- and Mazda 3's. It's easy to get caught up in your own little universe- get a little self involved, but to me, life is really about your interactions with others. Life is so much better when you are aware that you are not the center of the universe. All of these people, driving on the 10 freeway on Memorial Day off to where ever to do whatever and me and that man and his Mazda 3 had a little connection. Perhaps our paths will never cross again- perhaps we'll be in the same place at the same time and not know it ... but as a different Rick (Blaine) would say, "We'll always have the 10 freeway on Memorial Day."

A little gem from today. Rick, you're a lucky guy!