A change in the weather....

It's been stormy the last few days around here and it feels good to finally feel a change in the weather.

Unseasonably warm days in January confuse me. When the leaves change and the temperatures drop my first inclination is to hibernate- to pull the shades closed and focus on my future. I make lists, I clean closets and drawers, I organize both my things and my thoughts and I start to feel rejuvenated and the energy that I expended so forcefully all wedding season slowly comes back to me ready to take on another year. But it's been warm here .. and sunny and that has been infuriating me. How can I be expected to get any reflection done when it's 70 degrees and beautiful out? I don't want to reflect on life when it's beautiful out- I just want to live it!

So finally! Rain! Reflection!

Here's to those closets that need cleaning, the drawers that need arranging, and the thoughts and things that need organizing! Decide what to be and go be it.


a drop in the ocean | a change in the weather | i was praying that you and me might end up together

Ron Pope