29 weeks pregnant! Season is winding down.... :)

Only four more weddings to go for me- three more total after this weekend .. can't believe we're already so close to the finish line. I remember back in March feeling like there was no way I could get through this whole summer pregnant (sometimes I like to whine) and now that I am here I realize that being pregnant make some days harder but most days so much sweeter. I truly believe that for me, this is the  meaning of life. This little person is so much more important than my silly self and I have already dedicated everything to her well being. I'm starting to understand just how much my parents love me- in ways I never fully understood. There is just something so magical about the whole process and I truly feel FULL, literally and figuratively. This picture is from last weekend ... Tim snapped it in our backyard the day after I shot a wedding in 106 degree Sacramento heat... I wasn't feeling too great but who's looking at me anyways? The dress and belly distract from my face!  ;) <333