Happy New Year!

This year was a whirlwind and I didn't find much time to keep up with blogging but wanted to share some highlights. More of these weddings to come once I finally get a chance to sit at my desk for more than 20 minutes at a time!

Back in business... Julia and Dave - Campovida

Admittedly, I've been a bit MIA these last three years in the wedding world. While the launch of my maternity and baby brand Little Meg has been keeping me pretty busy I have also been up to a whole lot of real life too.  If you were to follow my Instagram you'd see that in October of 2012 I replaced some of my lenses with some pacifiers and put away my Kelly Moore bag for a JJ Cole.  Before I had kids I was the kind of woman who would never have expected to let my business go once I became a mom. I worked so hard for so many years to build it and while I still LOVED shooting, I could never have imagined how disinterested I became in the day to day aspects of running a company once I held my sweet Eloise in my arms. Over the last three years I went from shooting 30+ weddings a year to no more than 15 and have cut my time in my office back by about 80%. I love being home with my babies (Eloise is *almost* 3 and Tate is *almost* 1) and I have enjoyed every moment of it. Running a business with little to no childcare has not been an easy feat and I have worked really hard to continue to service my wedding and portrait clients well. I have been shooting weddings, engagement sessions, and portraits under the radar and have let a lot of my social presence and vendor relations slip. There just simply wasn't enough time and those who were paying me for my talents got every last second of office time! Blogging, marketing, socializing ... couldn't do it! But ... I'm ready. I find myself daydreaming about sitting at my desk when I'm sitting on a blanket at the park. I yearn to redesign my pricing guide and socialize with long lost industry friends. I feel inspired by my past work and ready to create new things and work with clients who 100% feel all the things.  

I'm ready! So... I'm back. Let's do this! 

I'll start with a wedding from 2013 - the summer after Eloise was born. Julia and Dave at Campovida in Hopland- a DREAM of a venue! This wedding was also featured over at Martha Stewart Weddings too so thanks to them for sharing it when I couldn't seem to find the time to. The team behind this gorgeous event was stellar and I couldn't have asked for a breezier day! Without further ado...


Location: Campovida Event Planning: Courtney Cargile Catering: Sage Catering Flowers: The Monkey Flower Group Cake: Crisp Bakeshop Music: The KJ All Stars  Rentals and Lighting: Wine Country Party & Events Hair and Bridesmaids' Makeup: It's a Date
Bride's Makeup: Elizabeth Cantore Makeup Artist