Elle and Nima : Married! : A Wedding at The Bentley Reserve in San Francisco

Whew! Wedding season is in full swing over here and I am already falling behind on the blog. I hate when people apologize for not blogging (after all, really it just means I'm busy actually shooting which is way better than sitting at a computer prepping/resizing images) so I won't do that, I'll just encourage you to hang tight because I've got a lot of fun stuff in the queue. Busy planning our wedding too- our wedding planner Yelena Johnson of The Stylish Soiree (who was also Elle and Nima's day-of coordinator) was up here a couple of weeks ago and we got so much stuff done! It's starting to come together and we're starting to get giddy about it. :) More posts about my plans soon-..... do you guys even care about any of that??

Elle and Nima had my first city wedding of the year and it was such a breath of fresh air. I love outdoor weddings for so many reasons but it was so fun making use of the city-scapes for a change! San Francisco is so magical this time of year and the weather was absolutely perfect for their day- They tied the knot at The Bentley Reserve- Elle looked absolutely ravishing (and Nima dashing, per usual) and I can't wait to share these sooo....onward to the images shall we?

Catering : Global Gourmet, Lighting : Got Light, Florals : Branch Out,  Cake : Sara Lime Cakes, Make up : Beauty Up Close, Coordination : The Stylish Soiree

I'm not usually a narrator for my images but we had the opportunity to take pictures in the very bar where Elle and Nima first met- I think that's pretty special. :)